Natalie Smart

Brighton and Hove

A great informative course. It was good to have a dedicated tutor to help me along the way.

I would highly recommend this course for anyone considering working in the photography industry as it gives some useful insider tips into the industry.

When I started the course I didn’t know what field of photography I wanted to work in but this course broke down all the potential categories which helped me decide which photography path to take.



Emil Christopher Ludwick


I came into this course at the age of 55, wondering ''would I be too old to study an online diploma'' and, also would I be able to study and do what is necessary to advance my photography. So, I made the decision and dived in, in order to challenge myself in a subject that I love.

Each module was very informative and the author took time to explain everything in a method that could be understood. Each module took you on a journey from learning about your camera and all the processes needed to take in the big picture, of what it is to be a Professional Photographer.

The Assignments were challenging, thought provoking and very informative, and My Tutor was excellent in steering me in the right path. His insight was worth the money, for the course alone!

Now that I have completed the course it has inspired me to learn more and keep improving. I am looking forward to going back through my past and present work and improving those shots. Even at the age of 55 you can start earning money from something you truly love doing, and this course has given me the opportunity to learn everything I need to know to get me started!

I highly recommend anyone who loves photography to do this course, it will give you the foundation you need to take your photography into any direction you choose, on any level you choose. So go for it, you wont regret it one bit!


Francesca Thorpe


After I graduated from University with a Graphic Design degree two years ago I decided to go travelling for 6 months. I explored many different countries and cultures and I saw some beautiful and amazing things. It was then that I decided I wanted to do photography, there are so many places and people I wished I would have captured that it really inspired me to become a professional Photographer.

When I returned, I researched photography courses and came across The Photography Institute. At first I thought it was quite a lot of money but as it was something I really wanted to do I just went for it. I can now confidently say that it was worth every penny.

I enjoyed studying each different module when I had the spare time and because I didn't feel pressured into doing it within a certain time frame I thoroughly enjoyed each part more than I ever had learning at University. Each module was full of easy to understand information followed by an assignment. The assignments were interesting and challenging, this is the part I enjoyed the most. I was inspired to get out with my camera and take photos everywhere I went.

The feedback from my tutor was brilliant, he marked my assignments and responded to my questions very quickly, so I could complete each assignment confidently. It took me about 8 months to complete the course and I now feel that I have the confidence, skills and knowledge to go it alone.

Since completing the course I have started my own photography business specialising in Portraits, Events and Lifestyle photographs. I am hoping that as my business takes off it will become full time work.

Thank you PI, I really enjoyed the course and I would fully recommend it to anyone.

Don Jordan


I was a 'happy snapper' novice Photographer but was frustrated with the limitations of my compact 'point and shoot' camera. The main beef was always missing in that special moment because the shutter refresh speed was just too slow, so I invested in my first DSLR and started experimenting.

I loved the fast response I got from the DSLR and it instantly improved my photos but it didn't take long before I wanted to get more from my camera and my images.

The Photography Institute course was given to me as an early Christmas present and was received with great enthusiasm as I had previously read about the course and it's great reviews.

I wanted to learn how to be a better Photographer, and as I now had a DSLR, I was ready to roll! From that moment on I knew I didn't want to shoot in AUTO ever again. I wanted to take full control of my camera and my photos.

This is a well-structured course designed for the Photographer that wants to unleash the real potential of his/her camera, and work at their own pace.

From the outset and the constructive critique from my tutor, paired with the valuable information provided from the modules, I knew that the course was right for me. By the time I reached module 3 I was totally hooked, by the time I got to module 11, I had the confidence I needed to take on my first job, as a freelance Photographer.

I was a little daunted at first as these photos weren't just for me to experiment on but for a client and I had no second chances to get it right. My fears soon disappeared when I started the shoot as it was a complete success. The winning image is portrait number 4 on my website:


'I am no longer a soldier in point and shoot brigade but a contender in the DSLR army' thanks to The Photography Institute.

Helen Field


Life is too short to sit back on your laurels!

Having spent all my life dabbling with photography I thought it was about time to turn my passion into a skill. Having not studied for a very long time, I was nervous about taking the plunge and leaping back into the world of research, learning and assignments. But I needn't have worried at all! The Photography Institute Course provides you with all the tools, encouragement and support that you need.

The modules are well structured and produced in such an order that you will utilise the skills learnt from your previous assignment in the next.

Help is always at hand from your tutor and/or the on-line support team, for those odd times when you are suffering from a dose of brain-strain!

As a result of this course I now have an in-depth knowledge. I have set up a studio, am building my website and most importantly have the confidence to get out there and promote my work.

I would urge anyone with a keen interest in photography to enrol in this course. Your current level of photographic skill is irrelevant, as long as you have the hunger to learn, you will not look back!

John Knight


I was already taking photographs in a semi-professional capacity but needed a little extra knowledge and confidence to take it all the way. The PI course has given me just that.

The course was challenging yet hugely rewarding. It made e think and re-examine habits and techniques that I had developed which could - and have been - improved.

The flexibility of this course is amazing and allowed me to work around an extremely busy workflow.

I was always amazed at the speed that my questions were answered by my tutor when I got stuck and also the speed of the marking process which drove you onto the next stage. Plenty of feedback is always given on each assignment and no generic replies are to be seen - ever!

It took me a while to get around to doing this course but I am so glad that I did. If you like me were a little unsure - don't be! Just do it and you will never regret it. A huge thank you to everyone at PI who have developed a course with thought, that is flexible for busy lives and affordable at the same time.

I am having a great time and business is going from strength to strength.

Helena g Anderson


Thank you so very much for this course.

Having designed interiors for 30 years, I decided to switch from interior design to photography. I had a basic knowledge as photography had been a hobby of mine for many years, so the switch wasn’t hard to do.

I have certainly made the right decision to enrol on the Photography Institute course, which has guided me from amateur- to professional level. 12 Modules of detailed technical information presented in effective pdfs with great examples and graphs; a carefully designed course, which also includes helpful practical tips from George Seper! What a privilege!

Whilst doing the course, I was appointed photographer for a project supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, the Family Adams Project, which was granted £49,000; details are on my website and being on the course was very helpful and reassuring.

My tutor was great and thorough, always consistent and knowledgeable; I will miss his comments and guidance!. Awesome support team who always responds quickly to whatever query you may have; and always friendly and kind; it was more like dealing with friends…Thank you guys!

I have also enjoyed the Photography Institute Facebook page where you will find useful information, and where you can share your thoughts and photos.

Next stop: the Advance Modules!!! I can’t wait!


Alison Mckenny


I never thought I would have my own photography website a year ago, never mind be in the position to charge people for taking their photographs, but the unbelievable has happened and that is all down to PI!!!! I have worked in the same field for a long time and needing a new challenge, I decided to look into doing a course in photography just to increase my knowledge as I've always loved taking pictures, putting together albums etc, but was clueless about it all and didn't know where to start.

I went for this course as I am a working Mum of two children and haven't time to attend evening or weekend classes so I needed something more flexible. I liked the fact I could do this course in my own time, and the fact that I could pay for it over a number of months, so it didn't seem so expensive anymore. Also I liked what people had to say about the course and I'm pleased to say that everything they said was correct!

The content is relevant, interesting and easy to understand. For those times where you may get stuck, your tutor is there to help. My tutor Matt was fantastic and was able to answer every question I had (no matter how stupid!) and was really quick at getting my assignment results back to me (usually in the space of a few hours). Also he always gave honest and constructive feedback following each assignment, which was a big help and confidence booster.

I started the course with a standard point and shoot camera and you could probably continue with that all the way if you wanted to, but I fell in love with photography hook line and sinker. So after Module 2, I decided to take the plunge, investing in a professional standard camera, and to be honest, since then I haven't looked back. With every module my confidence grew, my knowledge of image composition and how to take a good picture improved, I learnt how to use my camera properly (and not on Auto mode!!!), and even learnt how to go about setting up my business!

All the information was there for me to take on board one step at a time. I'm not at all technically minded which is what put me off photography in the past, but with the help of this course and my tutor Matt, I realised it wasn't beyond me and now I've overcome my fears and love all the new gear I have since purchased. It has absolutely quadrupled my confidence and belief in myself and that maybe, just maybe, I can make a living from my photography.

Although I am still working part time, I have already had photography bookings coming up which is very exciting. I can honestly say, this would never have happened if I hadn't done this course, so if you are anything like me, just go for it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Paul Shaw


The Photography Institute has really opened my eyes to world of Professional - Full Time Photography!

The knowledge that George Seper holds, shines through in the course material. The course is aimed around the practical hands on approach to real life situations and the technical knowledge that it teaches is second to none. George gets you to think of your approach to a situation, both mentally and physically, in a different light and attack tasks from a different angle.

Once you have learned the basics you are then taught how to use different tools like lighting and Photoshop. The latter end of the course teaches and directs you into the world of commercial photography and gives you invaluable insight that only a lifetime of knowledge can teach you. At the end of each exercise you are given practical exercises as confirmation of the knowledge you have learned.

The tutors on the course really know their stuff and their feedback at the end of each practice exam really backs this up. Their direction and advice is second to none and their response time to marking exams and to any questions you may have is quite admirable.

Overall the course has many advantages over some of the full time academic courses out there as George really has a world of knowledge built up from a lifetime of photography. A lot of the information that the course teaches are things that 'cannot be taught', yet through Georges unique mentoring, they are.

Since starting the course I am now a Semi Professional Photographer trading on a regular basis.

Thank you Photography Institute.


Simon Sealey


What can I say?

I have been on a voyage of discovery since the day I downloaded the PI prospectus.

As I read the prospectus content I realised that I had to enrol on this course.

All the way through this course, as I completed the modules I had questions that needed answering and they were answered quickly and efficiently. When I needed assistance from my tutor and the student support team, they were always there with accurate, prompt and concise answers.

The assignment marking was speedy, fair and to the point and the tutors comments were very helpful and always steering me in the right direction.

For anyone thinking about enrolling on this course I would say, 'don't think about it, just do it'.

Even if you do not want to pursue a career in photography, only you will know how much pleasure you get when you take a picture and from the time you look through the viewfinder to seeing the final image, you know everything that happens between these two points and why, this is what separates you from the rest.

There will be them who know and those who think they know. Which one do you want to be?

I would like take this opportunity to thank my tutor Matt Evans and The Photography Institute for equipping me with the knowledge and know how to take my career to the next level.

Toby Wolf


An inspiring course! Fun, informative and relevant to today's world of would-be professional photographers. The clearly explained modules were a pleasure to work through and each assignment challenged me to produce my finest work. The course was such that I felt as though George Seper was in my living room, speaking directly to me! Added to this, having my photos critiqued by some of the best in the business gave me a sense of real understanding and importantly, progress.

The benefits are most obvious in the end product... my photography. Starting out without even having the knowledge of how to use my DSLR properly, I now feel able to produce some great images, putting in to practice all that I have learned. I know how to take a 'better shot', using the skills and knowledge I have built up over the 12 modules. So much so that I have felt confident enough to enter photography competitions (having some success in the process) and start on the path to becoming a full-time professional photographer.

My tutor's support was great. Gary would always reply promptly to any issues or questions that I had. His personal comments and positive feedback on assignments helped guide me and encouraged me to improve further. Such thoughtful responses meant a lot and had me trying to achieve the very best marks that I could for each assignment.

On a further positive note, I have already gained commissioned work for a number of weddings, events and portraits and I can see my business developing over the coming months and years. Feedback from clients has been fantastic and I put this down in no small part to The Photography Institute course.

Should you be interested in my work or any of the services that I offer, then please have a look at my website:

Catherine Brown


12 months ago I had never turned a Digital SLR camera on! Now I have graduated, been exhibited as a commended Sony World Photographer, won a national Photography award, started a business and give up my day job plus I'm a mum with two young children. Its unbelievable how fast things can happen.

I signed up to this course because I needed to direct my creative energy somewhere, I liked pictures and have always been "snap happy" but I wanted to learn how to take a good picture, understand the science rather than just getting lucky. I was keen to learn but was happy to just take good pictures of my children, never did I anticipate what the potential was.

I loved the fact that I could learn at home in my own time, knowing my children where safe in bed I could study in peace and didn't have to worry about babysitters. I wasn't very fast at completing my assignments because I wanted to understand and get it right. I loved how it was broken into 12 segments and I enjoyed reading the manual and looking at the examples.

My passion and confidence soured and I really liked looking at other peoples work on the Facebook page, it felt like a real community and it was great to share work and get feedback. My tutor has been excellent, really quick at marking my assignments and always gave me really good feedback that was understandable and helped me go forward.

This course has made me literally live the dream!


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Learning lots

Learning lots

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